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Philatelic agency Stamperija Ltd. is the official representative of Djibouti post office and the worldwide distributor of postage stamps.

Regarding the commerce or ordering of Djibouti postage stamps please contact us by email or send an inquiry.

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About philatelic agency Stamperija Ltd.

The company is engaged in wholesale and retail trade of postage stamps of various countries. It also produces new stamps issues and is an authorized philatelic agent of various countries, currently working with more than 10 postal administrations all over the world.

For many years we have been producing various topical stamps of high quality and representing various countries as the official philatelic agent. We constantly try to maintain and encourage the interest in philately and it makes us happy that so many people around the world still appreciate this form of art, which illustrates some historical events, personalities, culture and nature. Our creative designers always depict important events, commemorates important and well-known persons and do not forget about the problems of contemporary world. In philately world we are known as responsible and serious partner, who complies with all the regulations and provides unique and high-quality products.

Algirdas SATAS, CEO of Stamperija Ltd.